Essentials for Diagnosing Glaucoma

Tuesday, August 11, 6:00-8:00 PM PDT   

Presented by Pinakin Davey, OD, PhD, FAAO

COPE # 67043-GL     2 HR     $25.00


This course will take you stepwise in identifying suspects of glaucoma and confirming a diagnosis of glaucoma with various current diagnostic modalities that are available. The course will cover the interpretations and shortcomings of the various diagnostic modalities like OCT, visual fields, electrophysiology, pachymetry, tonometry, gonioscopy and fundus imaging that are used in clinical care.

Course learning objectives: 

This highly interactive course will cover current and latest development in the field. There will time to ask specific, detailed questions on topics covered and interest to the participants.


        • Evaluate optic nerve head in a systematic manner to record clinically suspicious nerve.
        • Evaluate anterior segment findings and learn tips to successful gonioscopy.
        • Participants would understand and be able to evaluate other risk factors of glaucoma particularly intraocular pressure, blood pressure, perfusion pressure
        • Participants would understand systematic way to review optical coherence tomography and visual fields
        • Evaluate and interpret common visual field techniques to identify suspects and early glaucomatous findings
        • Participants will be able to understand and interpret findings of various electrophysiological techniques in glaucoma
        • Evaluate the risk of glaucoma development whist considering various clinical parameters including corneal thickness.


Pinakin Davey, OD, PhD, FAAO

Professor of Optometry, Western University of Health Sciences